Things To Do Over The Holidays

happy-holidaysIf you are anything like me, then you hate being bored. I always need something to occupy my time, and its even better when I feel like I have accomplished something. Below I have compiled a short list of things that are great for everyone to do over this holiday season. Enjoy!

Binge watch a tv show


As everyone knows, binge watching a show beats waiting an entire week for a new episode. When you binge watch a show there is no time to forget characters or minute details, so you understand and recognize more than you would by waiting a week. There is not better time to start than over the holidays. If you have a lot of free time and need something to occupy it, I would suggest binge watching something on Netflix, or from your dvd collection. I have personally been re-watching Doctor Who and the Simpsons.

Do a fashion overhaul


During the holidays I find more time for tidying up and organizing, than in the busy months before. At this time I always realize just how much clothes I have that I never wear. So I like to take this time to go through all my clothes and do a complete fashion overhaul. The resulting clothes that you never wear can then be bundled off and sent to various charities that will give it to those who will really need it. Some good examples are the Salvation Army, or the Federation for Cerebral Palsy. Either way you will be getting rid of something taking up space and helping those in need.



Something that I find extremely relaxing and stress reducing, is drawing. As soon as my pencil hits the paper the weight of the world melts away and I am free to be myself. No one is telling me what to draw, or how to draw it. Even if you are not particularly adept at drawing, it can be a wonderful way to pass time. My suggestion would to be checking out some step by step drawing instructions in order to practice you drawing skill. Try something simple at first, and gradually go for more complex drawings. Either way it is guaranteed to pass time, and will leave you feeling accomplished.

Try something new


I love trying new things, but never find the time during the busy months, and then some things I plan to do in the summer, but the weather is so nice that I never do. The holidays are the perfect time for these tasks. Two things that I have always wanted to learn are sewing and knitting. Now that I have some spare time, I will finally have time to learn. If you already know these skills, might I suggest learning to cook something new, or picking up a new instrument. There are no limits to how many new and wonderful things a person can learn, so go out and learn something new this holiday season.

Spend time with loved ones


There is nothing more rich and rewarding than spending time with those who care about and love you. This can be your parents, siblings, friends, or even pets. When i’m away from home one of the things I miss most is my dogs, so it is always wonderful to see them again over the holidays. There is nothing quite so relaxing as sitting by the fire with a warm bundle of fur on your lap. Unfortunately they can not carry a conversation, so it is also nice to spend time with those who can. Studies show that people need other people and intellectual stimulation in order to stave off boredom and even insanity. So take a hint from the professionals and go spend time with people you love this holiday season.



Everyone loves a good book, and there are so many options out there that everyone will enjoy. Books are available on every subject from history, to advanced mathematics (if that’s your thing). Everyone is bound to find something they will enjoy, even if it is just for wonderfully illustrated artwork. This is one of the best ways to pass the time, and can be great for intellectual stimulation. If you need some help on what to read, I would suggest going to a bookstore and telling the staff what books or even tv shows you enjoy. They will then be able to recommend books that are similar. I have personally been enjoying, Neil Gaiman’s “Graveyard Book”.

Write something


Along with drawing another great way to express your own creativity and individuality is through your writing. Like drawing, it also requires practice in order to hone it as a skill. Start by thinking about what you like to read, and what inspires you, then write an outline. Think of a storyline then work on creating characters. Do not be discouraged if you keep changing ideas, that is all part of the writing process, and do not be afraid to go to others for advice, or to edit your work. Even the greats go through hundreds of drafts before achieving their final works.

Go see something in theatres


I love movies, and have found that there is nothing that quite matches the experience of seeing a movie in the cinema. The large scale is exciting and can never be truly duplicated by home theatre surround sound. Another distinguishing trait is the social quality, even though you are not talking you are spending time with strangers. Sometimes I find myself watching the people instead of the screen in order to gage a person’s reactions and opinions. There are several must sees out in theatres this holiday season that will offer a better experience in the cinema than waiting until it’s out on tv. My suggestions would be Star Wars Rogue One, Nocturnal Animals, Fantastic Beasts, and Split.

I hope you enjoyed my list of things to do this holiday season, feel free to comment your own ideas below. If you enjoyed this list stay tuned for weekly posts

Cheers and much love



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