Shows To Binge Watch This Holiday Season


It isn’t Christmas any longer, but the holiday season is still among us. One of my favourite things to do during this time is to binge watch TV shows. The list below has been compiled out of some of my favourite shows, and have been sorted by genre. I tried to include something for everyone, so I hope you enjoy. Happy watching!

For the comic lovers: Gotham


As a comic lover I was originally skeptical about Gotham, but after the first episode I was hooked. Gotham emphasizes everything that I loved about the comics, while being fresh and new at the same time. The series centres mainly on Jim Gordon and his quest to clean up organized crime in Gotham, but also seeks to develop other characters such as Oswald Cobblepot, and Bruce Wayne. Each character has their own ties to organized crime, and their paths often cross, with both comedic and intense consequences. If you have read the comics, Gotham makes use of new characters and further develops old ones giving you fun little easter eggs all the while. If you have not read the comics, Gotham is a fun and dramatic look at a city full of corruption, with the occasional super villain.

For the science fiction lovers: Doctor Who


Doctor who Combines science fiction, drama and even comedy. It really has a bit of something for everybody. Focused around an alien who travels through space and time, and picks up human companions along the way, the Doctor at time appears downright human. Each episode despite being fictional and alien, maintain the human element and at times can be very relatable. Some episodes are centred around purely historical events, some are very science fictions with all sorts of bizarre alien races, and some are downright terrifying. No matter what kind of person you are, and no matter what type of shows you enjoy watching, Doctor who will leave you laughing, crying and smiling.

For the horror lovers: X-Files


Of all the horror science fiction shows out there, X-Files is truly king. In all honesty there are still episodes that make me shudder and check the closet before going to sleep at night. Agents Scully and Mulder work for the FBI and investigate strange and fantastic events. At the same time someone is hiding in the shadows trying to prevent the agents from doing their work. This show utilizes compelling practical effects to create the weird and wonderful creatures and horrors within it. To this day the episode that terrifies me the most is “squeeze”, just thinking about it gives me goosebumps.

For the drama lovers: Breaking Bad


I know, I know, it is cliche to say that Breaking Bad is a great show, but it really is. It is incredibly gripping, and does not have a single point of lull in its entirety. I was always invested, and may or may not have binge watched it three times over. Walter White as a middle class high school chemistry teacher who learns that he has cancer. He worries about the costs of treatment, and bankrupting his family, so as a means to make money to leave for his family when he is gone, Walter becomes involved in the dodgy world of Meth production. The show is incredibly realistic, and actually makes you care about its characters. This is partly due to the fantastic acting, and partly because of the constant character development. Each episode really is a work of art, and I would strongly suggest giving it a try, you will not be disappointed.

For the comedy lover: The Office


Now for the lighter side. Despite all of the dark and depressing shows that appear on this list, I do also enjoy comedic shows. One of the best examples I can think of is the Office (American version). Taking place at a paper production company, this show is filmed in documentarian style, showing the lives of the company’s employees in comedic fashion. Each character is quirky and has their own lovable, deplorable or even reliable qualities. The Office is also incredibly quotable, for instance the infamous “that’s what she said”. I would suggest watching the American version which has slightly lighter humour, whereas the British version’s humour is slightly darker toned.

For the twenty somethings: Friends


The definitive show for twenty-somethings, Friends is both comedic and heartwarming. We all have that one friend who is a total Chandler. Friends takes place in 90s New York, and is about the lives of a group of guess what, friends. That is really all there is to say about the plot I suppose, yet every episode is new and inventive and enjoyable in its own way. Each character has elements that are relatable, and each episode plays out the way a story from a friend does. There is nothing amazing or fantastical, it is completely down to earth,and that is one of the things that makes it so compelling. Unlike many other comedies the characters seem real, and like people you know. Even if you are not twenty-something I would strongly suggest checking out this timeless nineties gem.

For the history lovers: Ripper Street


One thing that many people do not know about me is that I love horror! The grittier the better, and nothing is quite so gritty as Ripper Street. Taking place not so long after the infamous Jack the Ripper murders, the series follows Detective Inspector Edmund Reid and the Whitechapel precinct as they attempt to keep order in crime ridden city. Dive headfirst into the Victorian era seedy underbelly, into a world shaken by Jack the Ripper, and the constant fear that he will return. I absolutely love historical television series’, and this is one of the best in my opinion. The acting is fantastic, the costumes are breathtaking, and it really feels as though it is being filmed in the Victorian era. If you like historical shows and or gritty crime dramas, then definitely watch Ripper Street.

For the anime lovers: Sword Art Online


A last, and very different show from the rest is Sword Art Online. An anime about being sucked into an interactive video game world, what could be more thrilling. The story follows Kirito as he finds himself like many others trapped in the virtual world of Sword Art Online, where if you die in the virtual game you die in real life. Kirito and his friends must beat each level to travel through the game in order to eventually escape. The story itself seems to be pretty straight forwards, but each episode packs new twists and turns that will keep you on the edge of your seat. I strongly suggest that if you watch this anime, that you watch the original Japanese version with subtitles, rather than the dubbed version. It just feels so much more natural, and sounds right, whereas it kind of takes me out of the moment when the mouths and voices don’t sync up.

Any one of these shows is great for binge watching, and will be constantly enjoyable. I really hope you will enjoy this list. Stay tuned for another post this upcoming Thursday, and every Monday and Thursday afterwards.

Cheers and much love



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