Makeup Favourites Of 2016

I own a lot of makeup and I’m always looking for new and better products. This short list contains the makeup products which I used and enjoyed the most this year. Hope you enjoy!

Primer: smash box


This primer works quite well, but I will probably replace it in the following year. It is easy to apply, spreads evenly and allows for easy application of foundation. There is no leftover residue on hands after applying either. The only issue I have, is that sometimes it seems like I have to put a Lot more at one time than I should in order to spread evenly. It does work very well though in the end.

Foundation: Naked by urban Decay



This is the best foundation I have ever used. I have fairly pale skin so I use the shade 1.0. It has great coverage, and gives the appearance of porcelain like skin. It is a beautiful result, and I could not recommend it more.

Concealer: Tarte


This is one of the thickest concealers I have ever seen. I use the shade fairly light neutral. It works quite well for under the eyes, but sometimes can be slightly difficult to apply. Since it is very thick I would suggest smoothing it out on your hand first before applying.

Eyebrow pencil: Anastatia


I have fairly light and thin eyebrows so I like to create the illusion that they are darker and fuller. To do this I use the shade taupe which is a shade darker than my natural eyebrows. It is incredibly easy to use and has great results.

Blush: Nars


Ironically, my favourite blush was a free tester that I received from a makeup store. It is a gorgeous pinkish rose tone, and suits fair skin very well. Works best when applied with a medium to large sized fluffy brush.

Eye shadow: Naked 3 by Urban Decay


This palette is my personal favourite of the different naked palettes. It contains more rose coloured shades, which I think complement a more natural subdued look very well, but also can balance a heavier eyeliner and mascara. The palette also includes some lovely smokey shades, for that extra pop.

Powder: Laura Mercier


I was very picky when choosing my stay matte powder, and could not have been happier with my final choice. This powder is so fine, and gives a silky feel to the skin. It is great for giving long life to your concealer. It is however not easy to apply with a brush and I would instead suggest applying with a velour powder puff.

Bronzer: Nars


As mentioned above my foundation gives my skin the appearance of porcelain which is quite lovely, but sometimes I like to add a little colour. This bronzer has just enough colour to bring my face “back to life” without making my skin too dark or too tan; the perfect balance.

Eyeliner: Urban Decay eye pencil


I have a lot of eyeliners, but this year I was more into more subtle and natural looks. As a result I didn’t get much use out of my darker pencils. My most used pencil was actually a gold tinted eyeliner. It stood out but was not overly loud, and really complemented my rose coloured eyeshadow.

Cream eyeshadow: Younique


As much as I loved my palette, I mostly used it as base eyeshadow all over the eyelid and then applied a cream eyeshadow afterwards to the bottom part of the lid. The cream shadow is slightly more noticeable, and a tad brighter so it is best to apply it only in small quantities to small areas on the lid.

Eyelash curler: Tarte


One of the unfortunate things about having blond hair is having light and thin lashes. As a result I need all the help I can get making them longer and thicker. This curler doubles the length in appearance and works wonders with a good dark volumizing mascara.

Mascara: Makeup Forever


This mascara contains a very small brush for precise movements. This allows for the prevention of clumping, and makes it easier to apply on bottom lashes without smudging. The colour is striking, and if applied in multiple coats this mascara can give the appearance of long thick luxurious lashes.


These were my most often used and enjoyed makeup products of 2016, I hope you enjoyed! Let me know what you’re favourite makeup products were this year

cheers and much love



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