December Favourites 2016

Happy new year everyone! Since December is now over I thought I would compile a little list of things that I used and enjoyed during the past month. I hope you enjoy!




One of the first things you should know about me is that I am a massive hat person. I own more hats than I can count. This year especially in the winter I got really into wearing beanies. Originally it was because they are good protection from the cold, or good to hide a bad hair day. Later on I began to wear them more as a fashion statement. I now own way too many. They are comfy warm and stylish, what’s not to love. The best beanies that I have were from Aritzia and Roots.

Reading socks


Every single time I walked into Chapters since November I saw the display of reading socks. These big cozy adorably cuddly socks. Every time I was put off of buying them because of the price. Then when I opened my presents this Christmas I was overjoyed to see a pair of those socks. They are the comfiest most cozy socks I have ever owned, and as suggested by the name are great for reading. They can be found at Chapters or Indigo books.


Younique liquid lipstick


If you read my previous post about makeup favourites you may have noticed that I obtained from mentioning any lip products. That is because over the year I wore so many different ones, and it wasn’t until December that I really began to show more favouritism. Particularly the liquid lipstick by the brand Younique. I have a few shades that I just could not choose between. Each one is gorgeous, easy to apply and stays the whole day long even lasting through meals.

Urban decay gold eye pencil


As mentioned in my makeup favourites post, I have an obsession with the Urban Decay gold eye pencil. It goes on so smoothly and is very unique compared to most other colours. It also goes with absolutely everything whether your look is neutral or more in your face. I think that a gold coloured liner should be a must have in everyone’s makeup Arsenal.

Gluten free mini brownies


For those who don’t know, I have a few particularly irritating dietary concerns that make it difficult for me to eat desserts. I am unable to eat anything with lactose, gluten or too much egg. Overall I find that store bought gluten free desserts are not all that appetizing. Luckily I have stumbled upon some really tasty ones. Specifically the gluten free mini brownies from the brand All But Gluten. They are soft not dense, and spongy with a nice texture that isn’t too dry. Most importantly they taste just like regular brownies. I would highly suggest this product to anyone who can’t have dairy or gluten.

Purdy’s dark chocolate bark


Since finding out I could not have dairy, I have developed a particular affinity for dark chocolate. I find that though there is a small amount of milk in dark chocolate, I am able to tolerate anything 70% or above. It can often be difficult to find anything but plain dark chocolate, but the brand Purdy’s has some really great options. My particular favourite this past month happened to be the dark chocolate bark with sunflower seeds. It is just about the tastiest chocolate I have ever eaten.

Flowers in the attic


To be perfectly honest with you I am not a huge reader. I do prefer watching movies and TV shows, and find that often times with books I can’t keep my full attention of the page in front of me. That however, was not the case with this book. I have only just started reading it, but I am so intrigued, that I have never lost focus or interest even once. The book is about four siblings who are forced to live in their grandmothers attic due to family greed regarding an inheritance scheme. It is told from the perspective of middle child Cathy, and is an incredibly disturbing yet compelling read.
I hope that you enjoyed my December favourites. Let me know if this is something you would like to see again in the future!

Cheers and much love



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