Beauty Blender Review

Hello everyone, I hope that your new years are off to a great start. I decided that I wanted to use this post to talk about a particular beauty product, which I put a lot of research into before buying; the beauty blender. I hope this review will help you decide whether it is right for you.



I used to use brushes for my foundation, but found that I got a lot of creases and lines that just did not look right. This was incredibly frustrating for me, and I tried different sizes and makes of brushes, but they all had the same result. This is how I first found out about the beauty blender.

The beauty blender unlike brushes uses a different technique of application, which helps to prevent creasing and the creation of lines.

The dampness of the sponge, helps to smooth out the foundation rather than just pushing it around

How to use:

  1. first run beauty blender under cold water
  2. ring out sponge, then lightly dry tip

the sponge should still be slightly damp

  1. apply foundation to the beauty blender
  2. use stippling motion on face to apply foundation
  3. repeat until foundation is fully applied

In contrast to the brush application, I also find that applying with the beauty blender feels much better on my skin. Sometimes the brush would make my skin a bit red and irritated, but the beauty blender is incredibly soft and never irritates my skin.

Cleaning is not much more difficult, than it is for a brush. You can purchase cleaning solution from a makeup retailer specifically made for the beauty blender, but there is also a simpler and cheaper solution. At the end of each week I soak my beauty blender in dish soap, and ring it through a few times, until the soap is all out of the sponge. This is cheaper, and does the same job as the cleaning solution, so it is up to you.

There are many other ways to use your beauty blender, I primarily use mine for foundation, but I also have another smaller one for concealer.

Various uses:

  1. application of foundation
  2. application of primer
  3. application of concealer
  4. application of cream blush
  5. application of BB cream

Overall I have found that the beauty blender is easier on my skin, and reaps better results than the brush method.

I would strongly suggest to anyone that does not fully get what they want out of a foundation brush, to consider purchasing a beauty blender. You will not be disappointed.

cheers and much love



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