Books For Everyone To Read

Books are something that I have a wide variety of tastes in. I will read just about any genre if it is interesting enough. Below is a small list of books that I have enjoyed, and think that everyone else will also enjoy. I tried to pick books from a wide variety of genres to appeal to a wide variety of people. Enjoy!

Drama: Flowers in the Attic


I am still working my way through this one, but I love every second of it. The story focuses on four siblings and their lives in the attic of their family home. Forced to live in the attic due to family greed, they must keep faith despite the desolate conditions, and abuse of their grandmother. Told from the perspective of middle child Cathy, it is an incredibly disturbing yet compelling read. I would strongly suggest this book to anyone who is able to stomach disturbing but beautiful literature.

Suspense: Graveyard Book


One of my favourite books as a kid, I still enjoy Neil Gaiman’s Graveyard Book. As should be obvious by now, I have always been really interested in creepy things, and this book is no exception. Nobody or “Bod” as he is lovingly called is a little boy who’s family was viciously murdered. As a baby he somehow managed to escape the killer’s clutches and wound up in a cemetery where he is raised by the ghostly inhabitants. The book is creepy and heartwarming at the same time, and is a must read for anyone interested in supernatural literature.

Fantasy: Game of Thrones


After loving the television series, I decided to give the book series a try, and was not disappointed. Taking the viewpoints of multiple characters, the books take place in a fantasy land called Westeros. It is however fairly realistic in its portrayal of corrupt politicians, family drama, and violence. Westeros is plagued by people conspiring against and competing for the throne in all manner of ways. If not for the dragons, this series would seem a lot like historical fiction due to its gritty realism. I would strongly suggest this book series to anyone who has watched the show, or is interested in fantasy literature at its most realistic.

Young adult fiction: Miss Peregrine’s Home for peculiar children


I did not know about this book until I had watched the movie. Unlike many others I really enjoyed the film, and it inspired me to check out the book. It is also slightly creepy, and very unique or should I say peculiar. The story focuses on a young boy who after the death of his grandfather decides to head out in search of an orphanage that his grandfather told him of as a child. This orphanage situated on an island in Wales is home to children with special abilities, and the boy is overjoyed to see his childhood stories come to life. There is however, something sinister lurking in the shadows, and the boy must learn what is special about himself in order to save his new found companions. This book is great, and I think that people who love creepy and mysterious books should give it a go.

Science Fiction: Frankenstein


An old but a goody, everyone knows the story of Frankenstein in some shape or form. The story of a mad scientist who creates a monster out of dead body parts and brings it to life, only to have it terrorize a village. What many do not know however, is that Victor Frankenstein after experiencing much hardship and the deaths of many loved ones wants to cheat death, and sees this experiment as a possible way. He is not truly mad in the colloquial sense, and the creature is not really a monster but is rather fragile mistreated and misunderstood to the point that its actions seem entirely rational. It mixes gothic horror with tragedy, and morals in an enticing way. I love this book, and think that everyone should read it at least once in their lifetime.

Horror/Thriller: Dream House


Originally I bought this book to support Marzia Bisognin, because I think she is incredibly talented. However, after reading I came to really enjoy and truly appreciate her talent for storytelling. Amethyst a young girl, finds the house of her dreams, and is instantly intrigued. She meets the owners and ends up staying the night to find the next day that they have vanished. As she explores more of the house, Amethyst finds that there is more to this house than she thought. Bizarre things keep happening, and strange people keep appearing and disappearing before her eyes. This book is so gripping and creepy, and is everything that I love about literature. I strongly suggest it to anyone who likes creepy and mysterious books.

Graphic Novel: Walking Dead


Another book which inspired a television series, Walking Dead is not a novel, but is rather a graphic novel. Taking place during a zombie apocalypse in the not so distant future, it tells the story of a group of survivors and their struggles. I love zombie movies, so I will watch and read pretty much anything with zombies in it. I was really surprised with this show/ graphic novel, in a good way. It does not only focus on the plight of the survivors as a result of the zombie hordes, but also their struggles against other survivors. It is more about the limitations of a persons humanity, than the zombie apocalypse, but it really works. I would suggest this graphic novel to fans of the show or of zombies, or dystopian literature.

I hope that you enjoyed this post, and will find something of interest to you. Happy reading!

cheers and much love



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