Beauty Haul: Sephora

I own a lot of makeup, and am always looking for the next best products. I tend to do most of my shopping at Sephora, and always find great stuff there. This trip was no exception. Below is a list of products that I bought at Sephora last week. I put this post off so that I could try the products out in order to let you guys know what I truly think of them. I hope you enjoy!


Martian Toner by Sunday Riley


I used to think that toners were just for removing oil, but after putting some research into getting a new one I learned how wrong I was. The right toners not only remove oils, but also work towards tightening your pores, and helping to balance your skin. This toner by Sunday Riley is great because it works as a cooling gel when it touches your skin, then a clarifying toner once you begin to massage it into your skin. I have only been using it for a few days but my pores are already visibly smaller, and areas which were oily seem much less shiny. Another positive is the look of the cream, which comes in a green martian coloured goop hence the name, but turns clear when it touches the skin. It is slightly more pricy than most toners, but is definitely worth it.

Rose Water Balancing Mist by Jurlique


I have fairly normal skin, not too dry or too oily. However, sometimes particular areas of my skin are oily and others are dry. This can be irritating when trying to create a balanced canvas for my makeup. One side of my face will be much shinier than the other, and it will be very noticeable. So, I wanted to get a balancing mist to deal with the oiliness, and a hydrating mist to deal with the dryness. This particular mist is great for both. I have already observed visibly smoother and less oily skin. I apply the mist right before applying my moisturizer, and anytime throughout the day that my skin feels dry or unbalanced. It has a pleasing scent, hydrates my skin, and leaves my makeup fully intact. I would strongly suggest this mist to anyone with unbalanced or dry skin.

Konjac sponge

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I bought the konjac sponge, because I heard that it was great for exfoliating and removing dead skin. Prior to purchasing this sponge, my cleanser did not get deep enough into my pores to properly exfoliate. Parts of my face, particularly my forehead and brow ridge would also get very dry and flaky skin. Since using the konjac sponge my face feels better, and I no longer have to worry about dry flaky skin. Not only does my face feel amazing after use, but during as well. After rinsing the sponge out it softens and feels great while exfoliating my skin. The one I got is from the brand Boscia, but there are several brands that carry konjac sponges. Definitely pick up one of these sponges they are amazing and feel amazing.


Amazonian Clay Palette by Tarte


I absolutely adore the brand Tarte. Their products are all cruelty free, and great quality. I currently have been using their concealer and eyelash curler, and have been incredibly happy. The next obvious step was to buy one of their palettes. After a lot of research I decided to purchase the Amazonian clay palette because it is much bigger and contains more bright and pastel shades than my other palettes. I usually like to use a neutral eyeshadow and a bright lipstick, but I have recently purchased a nude lipstick that I think would be great with the more vibrant coloured eyeshadow. I have so far only used the “mod” pinkish red shade, but look forward to trying the other colours. These shades are all gorgeous and the palette actually smells really nice. I would suggest this to anyone looking for a new eyeshadow palette.

I will always love you blusher by Too Faced


This is the first product that I have purchased from Too Faced, but certainly will not be the last. I was skeptical of this brand for a little while, because their stuff looked pretty similar to other products that I already own. However, after running out of my sampler blush from Nars, I saw the set of blushers from Too Faced and was instantly in love. The next issue was picking the right shade. I ended up going with the shade I will always love you, because of my pale skin. It is slightly lighter than the others, and is a very gorgeous pinky colour. No worries if you do not have pale skin, you can still get one of the other shades, because there is a variety. I would suggest this line to anyone looking for a nice bright pinky blusher, and this colour to anyone with fair skin.

Peach Please Lip Gloss by Too Faced


I did not go to Sephora intending to buy this product unlike the others. When I went to pick up my blush I walked past the peach display, and was instantly drawn to it. After spending a few minutes studying each individual product, I decided to pick up a lip gloss. The shade that I purchased was peach please. It is a gorgeous pinkish orange colour, and i think it would complement any look. The gloss itself is in a super cute package, is easy to apply and smells amazing. I have always been obsessed with peach, so I can already tell that this line is going to bankrupt me. Everything is infused with peach, and based in a peachy colour. I have not used the other products from the line, but I sense that they will all be pretty great. If you love peach you will not want to miss this.

I hope that you enjoyed my haul, and that you find something you like. Let me know if this is something you would like to see more of in the future. In a couple weeks I will be posting a new haul so stay tuned for that.

cheers and much love



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