Cute Decor Ideas

Recently I have been in the process of de-cluttering and re-decorating my bedroom. As a result I have been very interested in learning more about interior design and what decor looks good in what sort of setting.  Below I have compiled a short list of decor that I think look great and stylish. These are all personal tastes, and are not representative of any professional advice. I hope that you enjoy, and find something to inspire your interior decorating!

Mason jars


One of the staples of modern interior decorating, mason jars look cute in almost any type of room. Perhaps not in a more rustic style room, but I think mason jars look good in any other sort of more modern style bedroom. Empty I suppose they have their charms, but i think that mason jars look best when full. One idea is to place small coloured marbles inside the jar, another is to place cute little candies. Keep in mind if you put candy inside, you will eventually have to change it out. If you want to go for a more simple idea, you could place flowers or fake flowers within the jar. If you want to a more useful solution, you can place small string lights, or electric candles within the jar. There are endless adorable decorations with the mason jar. You can also experiment with different shapes and sizes of jars that best compliment your space. Mason jars can be purchased at any craft store, or home supply store.

Fake flowers


I absolutely love the look and even the smell of flowers. I am also unfortunately very allergic to pollen and various plants. This limits the types and amounts of flowers that I can keep within my bedroom. Luckily, I can buy fake flowers that look and sometimes smell just like the real thing. These come available in just about any kind of flower you can think of. They look great in vases or as mentioned above in mason jars. You can buy one type of flower, or experiment and create arrangements of various kinds of flowers. Either way fake flowers look great in every sort of room. Try to stick to arrangements that complement the colours in your room. For instance since my room is based in light pastel colours like pink and yellow, I would try to stay away from super dark vibrant arrangements. Something like a daisy or a buttercup would be most suitable as a basis. After picking a base flower, experiment with other similar and complimentary shades. Do not be afraid to get creative and add some other leaves or nature based items to your arrangement if you think it would look nice. Fake flowers are available in all craft stores. I would steer clear of dollar store flowers, because they tend to be really cheap quality and not look as nice.

Electric candles


I think that candles are a wonderful decoration item, and as a bonus can make your room smell great. I have recently however become infatuated with electric candles. Since living in a university residence we are not allowed to have candles, that does not mean that I can not still have the same desired look. Electric candles work just as well, and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. As an added bonus, if you forget about them you will not accidentally burn down your house, instead you will just need to get new batteries. Candles by themselves look great, but you can also place them in decorative candle holders for an added effect. Candle holders are gorgeous, and give a room a very classy look, while candles by themselves are purely atmospheric. Candle holders can be a bit pricey so you might want to look online for a nice but slightly cheaper one. Electric candles can be purchased at any craft store, and candle holders at any home stuff supplier.

Colouring pages


Everyone loves art, there are enough types and styles of art to suit everyones tastes. As a result I find it difficult to say much about what kind of art to use as decoration. Everyone will have a different style, and everyone’s rooms will be very different as well. I have recently though become enamoured with the idea of using colouring pages as art. It sounds bizarre and perhaps juvenile at first, but hear me out. I am of course referring to adult colouring books, and patiently coloured pages. Adult colouring books are available in any matter of styles and genres. You can find floral, mosaic, wildlife, or even film based books, Whatever suits you and your room style the best. First find a pattern that you like, then carefully choose colours to match the style of the pattern. After you have chosen the colours go to work carefully colouring in your page. Once you are happy with the look of the page try attaching it your wall with easily removable wall adhesives. After leaving it there for a few days, you will be able to decide whether or not it suits your room well. If it does then feel free to frame it. In contrast to buying art, you can feel self pride and accomplishment whenever you see your own masterpiece. It will look good, and you will feel good. Colouring books can be purchased at regular book stores, or a variety of online retailers like amazon.

Throw pillows


Ever since I was a kid I have always been slightly obsessed with pillows. Building pillow forts, amassing a giant collection on top of my bed. To this day I still enjoy collecting pillows, but in a different way. When I was a kid I just bought them for the sake of having them, and payed no mind to size shape or colour. I had a rather bizarre collection. Now, when I buy pillows I keep space, and colour in mind. Throw pillows are great, because they can give your room a variety of looks. First, you can get light shaded throws to add a touch of class. Or, if preferred add some funky patterns for a more casual look. Make sure not to buy anything that will clash with the colours and style of your room. A simple way to avoid this is to take a picture of your room and bring it with you when you got to buy your pillows. Pillows can be purchased at any home supply store. I personally like the pillows available at Pier One Imports and Chapters.

String lights


If you have not already been able to tell, I have a bit of an obsession with lighting as decor. Yet another super cute way to incorporate atmosphere into your decoration is through string lights. These can be any size, shape or colour. Usually I personally like the look of minimalistic lights. However, for Christmas I received a set of planetary string lights that I could not be happier about. They are super adorable and look like mini planets (including Pluto). These are a great addition, but regular lights will work just as well. They are very classy looking and will also give your room a nice modern touch. As mentioned above they will also look great in mason jars. String lights can be found at most home supply stores. If you are interested the planetary lights that I got for Christmas were from the website ThinkGeek.

I hope you enjoyed my list of decor ideas, and I hope it inspires you!

cheers and much love



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