Shoes: An Appreciation Post

As you can tell from the title this post is about shoes. Shoes do so much for us, so I wrote these mini poems in their honour.

disclaimer: i just wrote this when I had a lot of free time, i’m not obsessed with shoes

combat boots


black and leather with details galore

who could ever ask for more

cute with a dress, or even jeans

perfect for adults or teens

durable and fashionable in any season

wear these boots no matter the reason



simple yet stylish, they sit on my shelf

these shoes are like an expression of self

they are comfy and reliable and white as snow

though unfortunately dirt does show

Great for school and shopping too

These shoes will make a happier you

Ankle boots


with velvet finish and a small little heel

these cute little things were truly a steal

Dressy yet casual, neutral yet bold

Wear them when it’s warm or when it’s cold

Surprisingly comfy though raised at a height

They are Perfect for going out at night



Sand in my toes or grass there instead

My feet rest on their fine padded bed

Walking through parks or the busy street

My toes feel the kiss of summer heat

Although they do show dirt and dust

These sandals are a summer must

hiking boots


I crunch the snow beneath my feet

While my toes are bathed by heat

Stylish and comfy my ankles are warm

While I trek through the bitter storm

The colours are bright and stand out proud

These boots truly stand out from the crowd



Saving my feet from the stone cold floor

They sit and wait patiently at my door

They greet my toes with a gentle hug

And keep them there all warm and snug

All year round they’re a faithful friend

Always are they a stylish trend

I hope you enjoyed my random shoe poems! I just thought it was a cute idea to tell you guys about my favourite shoes.

cheers and much love



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