Great gluten free products

A few years ago I learned that I have an intolerance to lactose. As a result when buying desserts and sweets, I have had a bit of a hard time finding things I can eat. To make matters more difficult, I just recently developed an intolerance to gluten. So now I have to not only worry about products that are dairy free, but also gluten free. Below I have compiled a list of what I think are the tastiest gluten and dairy free products available. I hope this list will be helpful to anyone with the same food sensitivities, or anyone who just wants tasty treats. Enjoy!

Great Value: Gluten Free Sandwich Cookies


For those who did not know regular brand Oreos are dairy free. They are not unfortunately gluten free, though. As a kid Oreos were always my favourite type of biscuit, and even to this day are among my favourites. This was definitely a hardship for me when I had to give up gluten. Luckily I discovered this brand, which believe it or not tastes almost exactly like Oreos. They taste absolutely delicious, and unlike a lot of gluten free biscuits, the texture of the cookie is actually identical to that of a regular Oreo. I would be surprised if most people could tell the difference between the two. If you are gluten intolerant, and have been craving Oreos then you should definitely check these out. I purchased them at Walmart.

Frito Lays


It seems bizarre, but there are a lot of potato chips that have wheat as an ingredient, and therefore gluten. Lays is fortunately not one of those brands, and as far as I know all of their products are gluten free. My personal favourites are regular ruffle chips, and Fritos. They are incredibly tasty, and great when you are craving something salty. What else can I say! They are potato chips,and taste good. They can be purchased in every grocery store.

Vans blueberry waffles


Through my childhood I pretty much ate Eggo waffles every day. When I was younger I only ate the regular waffles, but when I got older I developed an obsession with the blueberry ones. This was one of the biggest issues with gluten intolerance that I came across. I have tried several brands of gluten free waffles. There was one that I tried that tasted exactly like cardboard, and another that got really soggy and would fall apart. Luckily I stumbled across this brand at my local grocery store, and have been hooked ever since. They are so full of flavour, and have a great texture. I think that they taste just as good, or perhaps even better than the Eggo waffles. Waffle lovers rejoice, these waffles can be found in most grocery stores.

All but gluten brownies


I have probably tried just about everything from this brand, and for good reason. Their products are all so tasty. I decided to include no more than two products per brand though, in the interest of providing a range of brands. This is definitely one of my favourite gluten free products. I love chocolate, and so brownies were a must have for me. These ones are so flavourful, and spongy just like real brownies. Be warned though if you buy these, you will not be able to stop eating them. I bought these at Walmart, but I think they can also be found in most grocery stores.

All But Gluten Cinnamon raisin toast


The second product on my list from All But Gluten, this is one of my new favourite breakfast foods. In all honesty I had never eaten cinnamon raisin toast before hand, but now I understand what I was missing. The toast is so sweet, and the texture is not bad either. I think it is best with a bit of margarine, but i’m sure peanut butter would be good too. This is the perfect addition to breakfast, and one of the best gluten free products available. I bought it at my local grocery store. This brand also has a range of other types of bread, and loaves including lemon poppy seed.

Katz Gluten Free Donuts


If you have not been able to tell by now, I love my sweets. One of my personal favourites has always been donuts. They are great with tea, breakfast, or on their own. Donuts are pretty much just fried dough so it was difficult to find anything to replace it. Luckily I did not have to, I found something just as good. These gluten free donuts taste exactly like regular donuts,, and dare I say maybe even better. They are available in a variety of flavours, but I prefer the regular glazed ones. They also retain the same shape and texture as regular donuts as an added bonus. If you’ve been missing your favourite fried dough then I highly suggest giving this one a go. I bought them at a specialty nutrition and vegetarian grocery store, but they may be available in other stores as well.



Since being gluten free, oatmeal has been one of my favourite breakfast foods. Weirdly enough, I had never actually eaten it before. One day I was just looking at breakfast idea online, and decided to give it a try. It is so delicious, so I am happy that I did try it out. It is also super good for you. This unlike the other things on my list just happens to be gluten free. My favourite way to eat oatmeal is with apple, brown sugar, maple syrup and blueberries. Oatmeal can be bought anywhere that food is sold. Just make sure to add salt, because if you don’t the oatmeal will be very bland.

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed, and that you find this list helpful if you have a similar problem with gluten!

cheers and much love



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