Why I have thus far avoided buying Asian cosmetics

For those who don’t know i’ve always been deeply interested and inspired by Asian fashion and beauty. This of course led me to think about buying some cosmetics, due to my obsession with makeup. I however, only buy cruelty free products, so I do a lot of research before buying. this led me to some complicated issues. After doing some more research I have come to some conclusions, that have led me to avoid buying Asian cosmetics.

First of all, Asia does not have a strict legal definition towards cruelty free, in the same regard as North America and Europe.

Due to these complications, it is not technically illegal for a company to claim they are cruelty free when in actuality they do test on animals.

Secondly, China has strict laws regarding testing, and requires that all companies outside of China must test on animals in order to sell within China.

So this means that any cosmetics company selling within China, which unfortunately is pretty much all Korean brands, are not cruelty free.

I have also seen that Korea has started to crack down more on these issues, so we may see some changes in the future. I truly hope that one day I will be able to buy Korean cosmetics, but until they are cruelty free, I will stick with brands that I know and trust.

Thank you so much for reading, I really hope you enjoyed! I know that this was a bit heavy, and different from my usual posts, but this is something I care deeply about. If you are interested next week I will be posting a list of my favourite beauty brands that also just so happen to be cruelty free.

cheers and much love



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