Super Bizarre Apps that I Love

We all love apps! We all love different kinds of apps! No one likes these apps! Below I have compiled a list of super bizarre games on the App Store that I love for some reason. Most of these were recommended by a friend so Sam if you’re reading this thank you for sharing in my weirdness!

10 Billion Wives or 10 Billion Husbands


This game was introduced to me by a friend. The objective is pretty clear, you collect 10 billion spouses. It’s a simple cookie clicker, but it’s pretty addicting and the animations are adorable. Each spouse has a unique personality, and you’re job is to provide love to each and every one of them. This games is incredibly weird, but also weirdly fun at the same time. I would suggest it to anyone who enjoys playing cookie clickers, or just wants to see cute little animations.

Rabbit Evolution


I absolutely adore animals so a lot of the apps I play revolve around cute little animals. However as some of you may know I also love creepy stuff. This game is a perfect melding of those two loves. Your objective is to collect bunnies and combine them into various evolutionary monstrosities. Each evolution is cute and horrifying at the same time. I love it because you never know what kind of terrible mutation you will get next, and it always keeps you guessing. This game is also part of a series available with a variety of different animals including dogs, goats and zebras. I would suggest this to lovers of animals and creepiness.

My horse Prince


This is probably the most bizarre and downright terrifying game on my list, and was recommended to me by the same friend. The idea is that you are a girl who visits this ranch and you meet a horrible abomination against nature, half human half horse hybrid. From there it plays out like a cross between a dating simulator and a horse care game. It is the strangest game I have ever seen in my entire life and I am loving every second of it. I honestly don’t even know how to recommend it though, so play it or don’t, and if you do be prepared to question all faith in humanity.



Time for more cute animals. Kleptocats is another sort of collecting game, but with a twist. First you start off by collecting cute little kitty cats, but then these cats start stealing stuff and bringing it back to add to your collection. Think of it as Neko atsume  crossed with hoarders. It’s cute, it’s fun, it’s good for procrastination, what more would you want from an app. I would suggest this to people who like cat games.

Anime Girl Run (free)


I really don’t know why I like this game but I do. It’s mechanics are similar to temple run. You have to run and dodge obstacles. However this time you play as an anime school girl. It’s pretty fun, the animations are good and I’ve always really like temple run so it was a no brainer. If you do choose to get it, get the free version because I don’t know who would want to pay for this game. I would suggest it to anyone who likes anime or temple run.

Hybrid Animals


Have any of you ever heard of the game CHKN. If so then this game is a lot like that crossed with spore. If not well then imagine this. Say that someone decided to randomly combine animals together and the let them all loose with each other to fight for their survival. That is what this game essentially is. It is weirdly fun and I like making weird hybrid animals so it’s win win. I would suggest this to people who like spore or who like seeing weird abomination creatures.

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed! Maybe you even found something you liked.

Cheers and much love



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