Best Makeup Brands

As you may or may not know I love makeup. I also am very particular about which products I will buy and use, partially due to my sensitive skin, but partially due to my ethical concerns. Below I have compiled a list of my favourite makeup brands, that also just so happen to be cruelty free.

Urban Decay


The majority of the makeup that I own is from Urban Decay. It was the first company that I bought makeup from when I started getting serious about wearing makeup. I love the colours and textures of their products, and they are so easy to apply. The company itself is cruelty free, however there parent company L’oreal is not. Since Urban Decay itself remains cruelty free, I will continue to purchase their products.

Favourite Product: Naked Foundation

Too Faced


A company that I have only very recently come across, Too Faced is definitely a new favourite of mine. Most of their products are infused with various scents, so not only do they look great, but they smell great too. They are committed to cruelty free processes, and even sell “teddy bear hair” makeup brushes. How adorable is that!

Favourite Product: Peach Lip Gloss



I have known about Tarte for a while, but have not bought many of their products, because they tend to be a little bit pricy. However, if you can afford it the quality is well worth it. The colours of their palettes are so gorgeous and look amazing when applied. Not only that but there products also last a surprisingly long time.

Favourite Product: Amazonian Clay Tarteist Palette



Funny enough I came across this brand because of a free sample from Sephora. That free sample ended up leading me to buy several more of their products. I love the texture of their makeup, and think that in some cases it has a better match for my skin tone than other brands. I was extremely happy to learn that they were cruelty free.

Favourite Product: Creamy Concealer

Kat Von D


When it comes to lipsticks, i’m not sure there is a better company. Whether solid or liquid, Kat Von D lipsticks are so creamy, easy to apply and last a surprisingly long time. They come in a variety of colours for more subdued or bold looks. Better yet, many of Kat Von D’s products are linked with various charities, often to do with animals.

Favourite Product: lipstick



The final brand on my list is one that I am not all too familiar with. I only use one of their products, however I am so in love with this one product that I just had to include them. Since I have very light and sparse eyebrows, I am very picky about what I use to fill them in and shape them. I have gone through a variety of companies and done a lot of research, but have not found anything near as good as Anastasia’s brow pencil. It is incredibly easy to use, the colours look very natural, and it fills in my brows so well.

Favourite Product: Brow Pencil

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed! I hope you find some products you are interested in.

cheers and much love



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