January Favourites 2017

January has been a pretty great month, even though it’s been really busy. I have tried so many new things that I just have to share with you. So below I have compiled a list of some things that I have loved throughout the month of January. Enjoy!


Turtleneck Sweaters


For some reason up until this month i’ve never really been much of a fan of turtlenecks. It always bothered me having something around my throat, so I never really gave them a chance. However, this past month I have loved one specific turtleneck sweater, and worn it very often. It is so incredibly comfy and soft, and my whole body feels all toasty warm. If you’ve never tried out a turtleneck sweater before, I would strongly suggest you try it.

Pandora Necklace


My whole life, I have never been that into jewelry. Occasionally I would wear a bracelet, or for special events maybe i’d wear earrings and a necklace. However, this past year, I have been starting to wear it more frequently. My absolute favourite piece has definitely been my Pandora necklace. What I like the most is that you can buy different charms to switch out, so even if you wear the necklace everyday it won’t always look the same. I have a few different jewelry pieces from Pandora, but this necklace is definitely my favourite.


Liquid Eyeliner from Kat Von D


I don’t usually wear an awful lot of makeup, but I do like to make my eyes look dramatic. I used to use very light and natural looking eye pencils with dark eyeshadow. However, doing this the eyeshadow would always get into the creases and smudge. Since it was dark this was more noticeable. I have recently begun experimenting with liquid eyeliners, and I have to say I love it. In particular the liquid eyeliner from Kat Von D. It is super precise, and great for doing wings. Since buying it I have not used a light coloured eyeliner. I am totally addicted

Too Faced peach lip gloss


When it comes to makeup my favourite products are always the lip ones. However, I tend to also be a bit picky because my lips can get pretty dry, especially during the winter. I sometimes like to go with bright vibrant lipsticks, but recently with my newfound love of dark eyeliner I have begun to use more neutral toned down shades. My favourite of these has to be to peach lip gloss from Too Faced. It is light, feels great, and smells amazing. I would strongly suggest for you to get it if you’ve been looking for a light coloured lip gloss, because it looks gorgeous.


Honey roasted nut mix


Prior to this year, for some reason I could not stand the taste of peanut butter. Which is funny because now i eat it all the time. As a result I also decided to try just eating dry roasted peanuts, and I am so glad that I did. This mix has peanuts, almonds and cashews in it. It is so delicious and full of protein. When I feel a bit hungry i’ll just take a small handful instead of eating some other junk food. They are so good for you, so definitely buy them if you are not allergic.

Veggie stir fry


I don’t do all that much cooking by myself. I usually prefer to work with fresh ingredients, and just chop them up and eat them raw. Or sometimes frozen vegetable just heated in the microwave. However, I have recently begun to start expanding my culinary abilities, and trying new things. One of the things that I have cooked most often this past month has been vegetable stir fry. It is so versatile, tasty, and good for you. I usually like to add carrots, onion broccoli, zucchini, potato, red pepper, peas, olive oil, and soy sauce, but you can add pretty much anything. I think it is best served over rice, but again you can serve it over pretty much anything.

I am so sorry that this list was a bit shorter than usual. I would have added a book, but alas with school being as hectic as it has been, i have not had time to read anything that isn’t for a class. I promise to have a good reading suggestion for next month. Anyways, I hope that you enjoyed by January favourites, and can find something of interesting to you.

cheers and much love



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