Danielle’s LookBook: Cozy Morning

I have been thinking for a while about posting outfit ideas, and it’s been really cold lately so why not now. I think sweaters can compliment the nicest outfits. Below I have put together a simple outfit idea for cold weather.



The most important thing about cold weather is to be comfortable. You don’t want clothing that is too tight that it will constrict your blood flow. That is why the best possible thing is a big cozy sweater. My personal favourite is the cable knit. They are super comfy, but also versatile. You can wear a cable knit with just about anything and it will look stylish. My cable knit is white, but this look will work with any coloured sweater.


Next I decided to go with a simple pair of jeans. These are made with a slightly stretchier fabric, so they are incredibly comfy. I decided to with a dull grey colour, to compliment the stark whiteness of the sweater. This look is pretty simple and can be easily changed, to suit any coloured jeans. That is the beauty of white sweaters.


I have a lot of shoes, but most of them are better suite towards summer or fall. These boots are probably my favourite winter shoes that I own. They are just simple hiking boots, but they have a little pop of colour to offset the simple shades of the main pieces. Make sure you pick shoes that will keep your feet warm.


I decided to add another little pop of colour. I chose this small owl bead, because of its gorgeous blue colouring. It is nice and bright, yet subtle. You can do this with either a necklace or earrings. If you choose a necklace make sure it has a short chain so it won’t get caught within your sweater.


Lastly, I decided to add some rings as a final touch. They are fairly pale colours, to stay with the generally neutral theme. The last ring is a snowflake, because winter. If you do choose a ring, or rings, then make sure not to pick anything to bright.


The key to winter outfits is being warm and comfortable. I really hope you enjoyed my outfit of the day. Let me know if this is something you would like to see in the future.

cheers and much love



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