Ideas for singles on Valentines Day

It seems that the media is constantly trying to berate you for being single. All Valentine’s Day commercials are full of happy romantic couples exchanging gifts, but never suggest any other option. What’s wrong with being single? Below I have compiled a list of things for single people to do on Valentine’s Day to have just as much fun as those couples out there. Enjoy!

Watch something scary


This may seem bizarre, but when it comes to Valentines Day I don’t like to think about romance. I’m not being cynical, i’m just not very into mushy stuff. In this way I think one of the best things to do is to watch something scary. Perhaps even a Valentines Day themed horror movie. The following link has some suggestions.

Spend time with family or friends


Love is not only between two people in a romantic relationship, so why does the media not express this. This Valentines Day spend time with your family or friends. Go out for a nice dinner, or to see a movie. Whatever you choose, spend time with people you love.

Spend time with yourself


Sometimes the best time is alone time. If you have been feeling particularly stressed out then Valentines Day is a good time to focus on you. Cook yourself something nice, or just relax. Take the time to show yourself how much you love yourself.

Cook yourself something new


I love food so there was obviously going to be something about it on this list. Romantic dinners often revolve around one person cooking for another. What about those people who are not sure if there food is edible enough to feed someone without poisoning them. Try something new, and cook yourself something fancy. If it doesn’t turn out great, whatever, at least you tried.

Have a spa day


Treat yourself this Valentines Day with a fun spa day. Forget all about your worries, and just relax. Have a hot bath, give yourself a facial, and most importantly do not stress. Focus on you, and enjoy.

Happy Valentines Day everyone! I hope you enjoyed this short post, and find something of interest.

cheers and much love



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