My Favourite Lip Products

When it comes to makeup there are a great many types of products. My favourite just so happens to be anything to do with lips. I’m not sure why, but I just love the feeling of putting on smooth lipstick. Bright lipstick also just so happens to look amazing with hats, which I also have an abundance of. Below I have compiled a list of my personal favourite lip products. Enjoy!

Liquid lipstick from Younique


Though I do love wearing lipstick, liquid lipsticks are a nice break because they are slightly less high maintenance. This particular brand is easy to apply and stays all day long, even through repeated eating. I have various colours including bright red, dark burgundy and even blue. I will use these for a variety of circumstances including everyday and with formal wear. They are definitely a must have if you want a gorgeous long lasting lipstick.

Lipstick from Kat Von D


One of two current favourites of the lipsticks I own, this one is a gorgeous reddish pink colour. The casing itself is also a draw, in a studded metallic tube. I have worn this particular shade on a regular day, but I think it best suits a special occasion. It is resistant to smudging, and the colour stays bright and vibrant for a long time. If you need a lipstick for a special event I would definitely suggest this one.

Lipstick from Clinique


When it comes to lipsticks there is nothing that I won’t try. This includes dark lipsticks. This is a tricky one, especially I you have really pale skin like me. Dark lipsticks can appear too striking. However if you pair it with the right makeup you can create a gorgeous and noticeable look that isn’t too in your face. My favourite shade of the lipstick is cola pop, in a gorgeous brownish red tone. I wear this shade every day with a very light eyeshadow and dark eyeliner. If you need a dark lipstick the definitely get this one.

Lipgloss from too faced


I think i’ve already mentioned this particular product in two different posts, so i’ll try to be quick. It is super smooth, not sticky, lasts a long time, and smells like peaches. The colour is a really pretty peachy orange colour, and I wear it almost every day. I would suggest this to absolutely everyone.

Lipgloss from urban decay


Last, but certainly not least is this gem. This is the first lip product that I bought when I started wearing makeup this year, and is the one that I wore pretty much all of the fall. It is light, and adds just a little bit of colour and shimmer to your lips. It is perfect for a nude look, and to compliment a brighter eyeshadow. I haven’t worn it as much lately, but it is still a great gloss that I would highly recommend

Thank you so much for reading, I truly hope you enjoyed, and found something of interest.

cheers and much love



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