Best Cold Weather Drinks

TThe weather is starting to get warmer but still remains quite cold. I don’t know about you but when it’s cold like this I tend to drink a lot of warm drinks. Below I have compiled a list of my personal favourite hot drinks for cold weather.

English Breakfast Tea


This tea is a good idea for any time of day and any time of year. Just regular black stepped tea is delicious and good for warming you up on cold mornings. You could have it any time of day but I prefer to drink it in the early morning after I wake up. Have it with some milk and sugar or even with some honey if your throat is a bit sore in the early morning. My favourite brand for English Breakfast tea is Twinings.


Coffee is a strong drink, and something that people either love or hate. If you hate it then feel free to skip over this one to another option. If you love it then you’ll know that coffee is great for cold days. Like English Breakfast tea it is also a great morning option. It’ll help to wake you up and keep you nice and toasty. I prefer it black but you can add milk or cream if you wish. I don’t really have a particular favourite type of coffee, but I do really enjoy French vanilla.
Apple strudel tea


Another tea which I love is apple strudel tea. It is just as delicious as it sounds. I especially love this tea because before I developed my gluten intolerance apple strudel was one of my favourite desserts. It is warming and also kind of cozy and homey at the same time. I like to bring this with me to classes. It’s so pleasant that it makes even the most boring of lectures tolerable. I got this tea from David’s Tea but you may be able to find it from another distributor.
Hot Chocolate


Who doesn’t love hot chocolate? I have so many fond childhood memories of coming home from the Santa Claus Parade and drinking a big mug full of hot cocoa. It’s warm and sweet and tastes like icing. It was a bit of an issue for me at first because of my dairy intolerance, but I found out that Starbucks makes a vegan hot chocolate that is incredibly rich and delicious. It can also be purchased in grocery stores.
Caramel corn tea


Yet another tea that I love is caramel corn tea. It tastes just like being at a fair or a circus. It’s really sweet so I wouldn’t suggest adding any sugar to it. You could really drink it any time of day but I like to drink this particular flavour at night when I’m studying. It’s sweet and warm so it’ll keep you cozy and you will deter you from needing to eat any desserts. This flavour was also purchased from David’s Tea.
Half coffee half hot chocolate


Like coffee, and hot chocolate? Well then why not have both. I didn’t particularly like coffee before and so I would drink half coffee and half hot chocolate to combat and get used to the bitterness of the coffee. Even if you do like coffee, I would still suggest drinking this mixture because it’s delicious.
I hope that the weather will continue getting warmer but until then I hope you enjoyed my list of cold weather drinks. Stay warm!!

Cheers and much love



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