Best Clothing Stores

If there is something that I love buying more than makeup it is probably clothes. I honestly just get so much enjoyment out of putting together different outfits. Below I have compiled a list of my favourite clothing stores, and organized it by clothing items. Enjoy!

Trousers/Jeans: Express


Express is one of those stores that you can find absolutely anything at. I have purchased trousers, sweaters, blouses, hats, belts, jackets, pretty much everything at this shop. My favourite items by far though have been their trousers and jeans. They are available in all sorts of fits and patterns, but I have found every pair just as comfortable and stylish. Express has all sorts of options from button up trousers to slip on jeans and everything in between. My favourite pieces thus far are a pair of geometric print button up wide leg trousers, and a pair of fuzzy velvet red jeans. I would highly suggest this store to anyone looking for good quality and reasonably priced jeans or trousers.

Tops: TopShop


TopShop carries a wide array of tops, no pun intended, that will cater to all sorts of tastes. I have seen blouses, turtlenecks, camisoles, T-Shirts, and anything else you could think of. What I especially like about this store is that despite the products being relatively cheap the quality is always fantastic. My favourite piece bought from TopShop is probably a soft black and white patterned wool T-Shirt. It is so comfortable and soft, and I love the way it looks. Unfortunately recently TopShop has been involved in selling items from Ivanka Tump’s clothing line, and I do not support anything that the Trump’s have done. So until they inevitably will stop selling it, I will not be buying from TopShop.

Skirts/Dresses: Ted Baker London


Most of the stores on this list offer clothes for reasonable prices, but Ted Baker is the exception. While it does tend to be quite expensive the quality and care put into each item is unparalleled. If I had the money I would buy all my clothes there. The style is modern and classy, and very British high fashion. My favourite types of clothing by far would have to be their dresses, and skirts. They feel amazing, look stunning, and the various patterns range from simple to extravagant. The best item which I have purchased is a skirt and camisole combo both patterned with flowers and insects on a pale green background. Each item is adorable on its own but when together looks just like a dress. If you can afford it I would highly suggest looking into this shop.

Pyjamas: La Vie en Rose

La Vie en Rose-La Vie en Rose -SupportsMoreThanYourBreasts

La Vie en Rose is a great store for lingerie but my favourite thing to buy there is actually pyjamas. They have all sorts of sets, mix and match pieces and nighties in all kinds of cute patterns. Their leggings, shorts, long sleeved shirts, T-shirts, and camisoles are all comfy stretchy cotton material, and fit so well. The nighties are either made of cotton or satin materials, and fit and look great. They have regular colour blocked or striped patterns but also cute little sayings. One of the best things that makes their pyjamas stand out for me is that they are stretchy without losing their shape unlike some other brands. The best pieces that I have are a cross lace backed cotton nightie and a super soft and comfy pair of purple flip flip slippers.

Sweaters: Gap


The Gap is a super nice store, and one of those places that you can find something for everyone. I admit that sometimes I spend time looking at the Baby Gap website just to see the adorable little outfits. The main store though has a wide array of trousers, shirts and sweaters. In my opinion their best products are definitely their sweaters, whether Henley or cardigan. They are all so soft and cozy, and come in beautiful colours. They are excellent as loungewear but will also look great with any casual or even dressy outfit. My favourite pieces are a light blue button up henley sweater, and a lilac button up cardigan.If you need a nice and reasonably priced sweater then I would highly suggest going to the Gap.

Knitwear: Chapters


Ok, ok Chapters is not strictly speaking a clothing store, but there are some clothing items that I would not buy anywhere else. Known best for its books, this store also sells items like scarves, hats, mittens, and fuzzy socks. As bizarre as it sounds I have become so in love with their scarves, beanies and socks that I would not buy them in any other store. The knit wear is all made from the nicest materials and stays in tact unlike some other brands. They have knitted scarves but also silk ones with gorgeous prints. These items are so perfect for gifts, but also just something to eat yourself. The best pieces which I have bought were a fair of super warm furry earmuffs, and a pair of fuzzy christmas reading socks. When it comes to cozy winter items Chapters is the best.

I hope that you enjoyed this list, and that you will consider checking out some of these stores yourself.

cheers and much love



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