Best of Anime

As mentioned before i’ve always been pretty into Asian culture. Ironically enough despite my love for animation and Japan I did not really get into anime until recently. Since I am fairly new to it myself I decided to put together a small list of my personal favourites that may interest others who are new to anime, or who are just looking for something to watch. Enjoy!

Attack on Titan


Attack on Titan is one of those anime that is highly overrated by many, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t deserve it. The animation is breathtaking, the story is equal parts heartbreaking and exciting, and the characters are extremely well developed. In a world ravaged by man eating Titans, the Survey Corps remains the only salvation for mankind. The show sees Eren and Mikasa as they fight against the Titans and try to uncover the truth of their existence. It  is also really special to me, because my dad and I have bonded over it many a time. The show is intense and gripping from beginning to end, and the opening theme is super catchy. It was the first Japanese language anime that I have ever watched and I would highly suggest it as a gateway anime, or even to the hardcore anime lover.

Sailor Moon


The first anime that I ever watched, Sailor Moon is incredibly special to me. Since I was just a child I watched the English dub version, and both my sister and I loved it. Watching it again recently I realized that it’s a bit cheesy, but still just as good as I remembered. Serena is a young school girl who discovers that she has special powers and has been tasked with protecting the world from evil. Along the way she learns about responsibility and friendship. This show has great lessons for kids, but also has great animation and story that adults will love. Whether or not you grew up with the show, I would highly suggest watching Sailor Moon, either dub or sub.



A second anime from my childhood, Pokemon is equal parts cheesy and fun. There is no deep thought provoking story, it’s just fun. Ash Ketchum and his friends travel battling Pokemon collecting gym badges and foiling the evil plots of the villainous Team Rocket. Creative and unique in every way this show and the various Pokemon games were a massive part of my childhood. The Pokemon are all very well animated, and to this day I still prefer the character dubs to the original Japanese. Just as with Sailor Moon it is a children’s show so their are overemphasized morals, but hey those could be good for adults as well. If you like the Pokemon games or just like cute creatures then definitely watch this anime, in either the sub or dub.

Fairy Tail


One of my current favourites, I only started watching Fairy Tail very recently but I love it. The fight scenes are incredibly well animated, and each story arc is very well thought out to keep you wondering what will happen next. Lucy is a young wizard who seeks to join a guild, and finds herself in the company of the Fairy Tail wizards, a group of rowdy wizards who quickly become her new family. Through each new villain or villainous guild we get to learn more about our heroes. The show is quite long so if you want to watch it be prepared for the long haul, because it’s over 200 episodes and still running. For those who are interested and committed, I would highly suggest watching the sub of this series, I’m just not really a big fan of the dub to be honest.

Black Butler


Black Butler was recommended to me by a friend years ago, and despite its short run time, it took me about 2 and a half to 3 years to finish. This is by no means a reflection on the show itself, but instead how I forget about things when I get too busy to do them for a while. The show itself is wonderful, gorgeous animations, compelling stories and intriguing characters. Young Ciel is sole heir to a massive fortune after the unexpected and suspicious deaths of his parents. He literally sells his soul to a demon who becomes his butler, and helps him solve various mysteries including wo really killed his parents. Each episode is beautifully crafted, and nail biting. I personally think that the 2nd season is not very good, and that the third season is the best. The show can get a bit dark so be warned, but if you’re fine with that then I highly suggest it.

Yuri on Ice


It took me a surprisingly long time to get around to this one. Ever since it came out I had so many people trying to get me to watch it, but I kept putting it off for one reason or another. Now that I have finally gotten to it I have to say, this show is adorable. This show is pretty much about figure skating, that’s about it story wise. However, the thing that makes it special is the characters. So much thought and depth is put into these characters, so going through each of their journeys is breathtaking. The animation is obviously stunning, and as I said the characters are all so adorable. I think that everyone should watch this anime, whether you like figure skating or not, you will not be disappointed.

I hope that you enjoyed my list, and find something to watch.

Cheers and much love



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