How I Do My Makeup

I have said so much about my makeup already, but I realized that I never said anything about how I apply my makeup. So below I have written a step by step, about how I do my makeup most days.


Step 1

The first thing that I do in the morning is wash my face. It is important to start your makeup routine with a clean, fresh canvas.

Step 2


The next thing to do is apply primer. This will help create a balanced canvas. I apply this primer and smooth it out with my fingers all over my face. I usually use the primer from Rimmel. However, recently I haven’t been using a primer because my BB cream has a built in primer. If I use a foundation then I always use a primer beforehand.

Step 3


Like I said I have been using a BB cream everyday recently. I like that it gives a little bit of a lighter coverage, and isn’t quite as heavy as the foundation. I like to apply the cream to a my beauty blender and then use a stippling motion to apply it all over my face. The BB cream I have is from Loreal Paris, in the shade fair.

Step 4


Next I apply my concealer. I put a small bit under each of my eyes, and then anywhere else that I have dark circles, and then smooth it out with my fingers. The concealer that I use is the creamy concealer from NARS in the shade creme brûlée.

Step 5


Then I apply a setting powder. I apply a small amount to a velour powder puff then dab it onto my face. This will help to set the concealer and BB cream. The setting powder that I use is the translucent loose powder from Laura Mercier.

Step 6


After that I apply my bronzer. I apply a small bit onto a wedged fluffy brush and then brush it on the top of my forehead, over my cheekbones down to my jawline, and a small bit on the top of my neck. The bronzer that I use is from NARS.

Step 7


Next I like to apply my blush. I apply a small amount to a large rounded powder brush. I then brush it just a few times over my cheekbones, swiping up from the middle of my cheeks upwards. I only apply a small bit because this particular blush is very bright. I have been using a blush from Too Faced in the shade I Will Always Love You.

Step 8


Recently I haven’t been applying that much in the way of eyeshadow, because i’ve been using darker eyeliner. I alternate in colour, but usually use a light pinkish colour. I apply a small bit to my finger and then dab it across my eyelid. I have been most recently using the Tarteist Amazonian Clay Palette from Tarte.

Step 9


Now is when I apply my eyeliner. I use a dark black liquid eyeliner, and apply from the inner corner of my eyes outward in a straight line. Then I draw a bit of a wing out from the corner of my eye, and make the line thicker. My favourite eyeliner has been the liquid liner from Kat Von D.

Step 10


After applying my eyeliner I like to curl my eyelashes, using my eyelash curler from Tarte. Then I apply my mascara. I like to use a small brush to apply using a swiping motion on my upper lashes. I then swipe the wand from side to side, and repeat these steps to get a few coats of mascara. For everyday I avoid applying mascara to my lower lashes. My current mascara is from Makeup Forever.

Final Step


The final thing that I do is apply a lipstick or lipgloss. I have been alternating various products, so there is not one that I use everyday. My current favourite is probably my peachy pink lipgloss from Too Faced in the shade Peach Please.

So that was my daily makeup routine, I hope you enjoyed! Let me know if this is something you would like to seem more of in the future!

Cheers and much love



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