Tarte Foundation Brush Review

Hey everybody, I hope that your month is off to a good start. I spent a lot of time thinking about what to use this post for, and I decided that since the last one got such positive reception, I would do another beauty review. So here goes. I want to talk about a new makeup brush that I bought, and I hope that you will enjoy!


When it comes to BB creams I like to use my beauty blender instead of a brush because I feel as though it gets a better result. After a while though I got frustrated with using my blender for foundation. It just didn’t look perfect, so I looked around for a better alternative. That’s when I found the Tarte airbrush finish bamboo foundation brush.

This brush like most others has its own sort of technique for application.

The size of the brush ensures that it gives really coverage and you can do more with less. The material of the brush is very soft so it feels really nice on your face, but you also need to be careful about cleaning.

How to use:

  1. apply foundation directly to face
  2. gently blend with brush
  3. go over face a few times with brush
  4. smooth out all lines

I think that the brush feels amazing on my face, unlike previous brushes which felt harsh.

Cleaning is not much more difficult, than it is for other brushes, but can be specific. First find a gentle soap, such as a baby shampoo or even use beauty blender cleaner. Gently massage it into the brush head but avoid getting it on the wooden part of the brush. Then allow it to air dry, do not attempt to towel dry. Be very gentle to avoid breaking the bristles.

Various uses:

  1. application of foundation
  2. application of primer
  3. application of BB cream

I would strongly suggest to anyone that does not fully get what they want out of a regular foundation brush, or beauty blender, to consider purchasing this brush You will not be disappointed.

cheers and much love



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