Saje: Why I love this store


Recently I discovered the store Saje which sells all sorts of awesome aromatherapy and natural remedy products. These can help with anything from stress relief to allergy relief. So I thought that I would use this post to tell you guys a bit about the store, and why I like their products, and find them helpful. Enjoy!



So I don’t technically have a real diffuser. I have a cheaper outlet plugin version. I decided to get this version because while i’m living in residence I have limited space, so it’s just easier that way. Also this gives me a good idea if I want to invest in a real diffuser in the future, which is nice because they can be pretty expensive. I have had really good experience with my diffuser and find it very relaxing so I think in the future I probably will got a full size one.

Essential Oils


Perhaps even more important than the diffuser itself, the oils that you use can really determine whether or not you will have a good experience with your diffuser. Oils are available for everything from allergies to stress release. I currently have only one oil, but I love using it. The oil in question is called Goddess, and it is a euphoric oil, so it is used to bring up energy and be calming. I like to use it when i’m sitting in my room studying. It both creates a warm and happy atmosphere, but also smells great.



I like many other people can often have issues getting to sleep and staying asleep. I have overly sensitive hearing and vision, so I need to sleep wearing an eye mask and in complete silence to get my eight hours. This sometimes doesn’t even work, so I have looked into various other things to help me sleep. At Saje I found a few products which I absolutely love. First, the calming spray, which you just spray in the air and breathe in. It is so calming as the name would suggest, and I find that it really helps with getting to sleep. Second, is the sleep oil. You apply it to your temples, wrists, neck, and the soles of your feet. This is great for falling asleep, but even better, it helps you stay asleep.



I do not get headaches very often, but when I do they are usually pretty awful. I hate taking medication for it though, because then it builds up your tolerance, and if the headache gets really bad in the future medication might not work properly. I was sceptical at first about the success of an oil, but I can say now that this is the best cure for headaches. You just apply a small bit to the back of your neck, and that’s it. As weird as it sounds, it feels up-lifting. Also it smells like peppermint so that’s another bonus.

Thank you so much for reading this. I hope you enjoyed, and that this might help clear up some of your doubts about using essential oils and natural remedies. They really work, and I couldn’t be happier!

Cheers and much love



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