Danielle’s LookBook: Winter or Spring?

Hey everyone, I hope you are all well! The weather outside has been ridiculous lately. Yesterday was nice and warm, today there are blizzards. What is going on? I thought this was supposed to be spring! I was going to put together an outfit for the spring, but instead I have put together an outfit to voice my confusion and frustration with the weather outside. Enjoy!


Orange Jeans = Spring

For those who don’t know by now I have a deep love for the colour orange. There is just something so warm and friendly about it. I also think that despite it’s traditional connections to fall, that bright oranges like this are more of a spring colour. So to represent out descent into spring and my hope for warm weather I chose this pair of bright orange jeans. They are nice and comfy as well so even in colder weather they won’t constrict the blood flow too much causing your legs to get colder.


White Shirt = transition

I chose to go with a white long sleeve shirt because it goes well with any colour or pattern, and the weather has been a bit cold lately so I wanted extra coverage on my arms. It is also a breathable cotton material so if the weather gets warmer, it won’t be too suffocating. The white colour represents a transition between winter and spring, as it is not a dark colour or a bright colour.


Dark Colour Block Cardigan = winter

I personally love this cardigan so I have worn it all year round, even when not in the “right” coloured season, However, I also think that this is perfect to represent winter. It is warm and cozy for those cold days, and also makes use of dark colours, which are traditionally attributed to winter. The burnt brown and red colours also contrast beautifully with the bright orange jeans.


*Yes I know that I forgot to add shoes. This was entirely intentional. I hurt my foot really badly, and so I had it wrapped up, and was wearing clunky boots that I didn’t think went very well with the overall look I was going for.

Thank you so much for reading! I really hope that you enjoyed and got some inspiration out of it. Let me know if you would like to see more outfits in the future

Cheers and much love



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