March Favourites 2017

Another month has gone by so you know what that means. It’s time for another monthly favourites. March for me was ridiculously busy. I’m finishing up with some term papers, and have a couple exams, but i’m mostly finished now, so hopefully April won’t be quite so hectic. Below is a list of my favourites for this past month. Enjoy!


Jean Jacket


I have been waiting for so long for jean jacket weather. Unfortunately it looks like I may have to wait a little bit longer. However, there have been a few days where I have managed to get away with it, without being too cold. I love jean jackets because they are so simple, but also look really stylish. They can be worn with absolutely anything, including jeans or a dress, and look great. My jean jacket is from true religion, and is dark blue denim with red piping along the seams. I have been so happy with it since I bought it a couple years ago, and so look forward to wearing it this spring.

Graphic tees


Sort of a random choice, but I hadn’t actually been wearing graphic tees very often up until this past month. Something about it just seemed about juvenile I suppose. However, this April I worse them quite a bit, because they are just so comfy. You can wear them with just jeans, but I like to pair mine up with a cute skirt. This would also look great with a jean jacket, or a leather jacker, and a pair of heeled mini boots. By graphic I mean literally any kind of graphic. A lot of mine have comic book or movie characters on them, but you can choose anything you are interested in.


Lush Veganese Conditioner


Since i’ve been so busy I haven’t been shopping all that much and so I actually only have one beauty favourite that’s new this month. Funny enough it is actually my mums and not mine, since i’m in the process of moving back home. I love the brand Lush. Everything works great, smells nice, and is cruelty free. This conditioner is especially great. It smells like lemons, and makes my hair feel so soft. In the past I have been skeptical about conditioners because sometimes they make my hair feel greasy, but not this one. I will definitely buying my own soon.


Apple Sauce


This past month I have been dealing with a lot of stomach problems, and so I have had to eat really plain foods. This unfortunately has meant I have had to really limit what I could eat. One of these things has been apple sauce. I never really ate it as a child, but I have been loving it. It is healthy and sweet, and covers my cravings for sweet things that I can’t eat. It is especially good with oatmeal or rice porridge.

Sweet Potato


A second thing that I have been eating a lot of recently, that I didn’t eat much of as a kid is sweet potato. I have no idea why it took me so long because it is healthy and so delicious. I have been eating it with rice and just a little bit of salt, but you can have it in anything. It would especially be good in a burger, or mac and cheese. I honestly think that sweet potato might be my new favourite food. It is sweet, smooth, and so incredibly tasty.


Jane the Virgin


A show that I was skeptical about at first, my friend advised me to watch Jane the Virgin, and I am so glad that she did. It is basically a mockery of crazy soap operas, and focuses on Jane who gets accidentally artificially inseminated during a routine doctors appointment. Needless to say lots of crazy stuff happens, including all the best soap opera tropes including twins. This show is one of the funniest I have seen in a long time, but be warned it is addictive.

Brooklyn 99


I chose a second show for this list, because all I have read has been for classes, and I watch tv shows while I write essays. This show was actually recommended to me by the exact same friend, and again i’m glad. This show is essentially like The Office, if it took place in a police precinct. It is focused around the lives and careers of each member of the force, and about their interactions with one another. It is so funny, but you need to get past the first few episodes. The first few are just to set up characters, and seem a little boring upon first viewing, but it gets so much better so hang in there.

I hope that you enjoyed my March favourites, and find something of interest to you. I look forward to sharing more favourites with you next month!

Cheers and much love



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