Spring Time Must Haves

Hey everyone as you know Spring is finally here, even if it may not feel like it. The weather here is starting to warm up at least, so that’s not too bad. Spring is one of those seasons that can be so finicky. Cold one day, warm the next. Below I have compiled a list of items that I personally believe that you should have in your closet for Spring time. Enjoy!

Good Rain/Waterproof coat


I can not overemphasize enough the importance of having a good rain jacket for the Spring. At least where I live the majority of Spring is filled with long rainy days. Make sure you get a good quality and most importantly waterproof, jacket. Don’t just skimp and buy the cheapest one. Some will be advertised as rain jackets but will really begin to deteriorate when exposed to heavy rains. The jacket I have is a yellow trench coat from Le Chateau. It is nice and big so it’ll cover most of my outfit from the rain, and it also very waterproof so it lasts through even the hardest of rainfalls.

Rain boots


Along with your rain coat make sure you have a really good pair of rain boots. Similarly cheap pairs may fall apart after extended use or allow water to seep in and make your socks feel all mushy. If you are like me and think that this is the worst feeling in the world, then go and invest in a good pair of waterproof boots. I currently need to buy a new pair, but my old pair were great. I had them for several years and they remained shiny and kept my feet dry. I personally think that the best rain boots are the tall ones that go up almost to the knee. This way you keep your feet and your legs dry.

A good lightweight jacket


Now on to more fashionable but still practical items. Since spring can still be a bit chilly you may want to have a good lightweight jacket. This can be a trench-coat  a jean jacket or a leather jacket, just as long as it is not too heavy. For those of you who may not know the jean jacket is definitely my favourite. I personally think it has the best look for spring, and it’ll keep you warm if it’s a bit chilly out. My jacket is from true religion but you can find them at pretty much any jean store.

A good pair of regular boots


For those days that it’s not raining you should have a good pair of boots. Why? Because they are incredibly stylish and perfect for spring, especially with a cute jacket. Make sure to pick a pair that is comfortable. You never want to sacrifice comfort for style. I personally suggest either a pair of knee high boots or a pair of mini heeled short boots. Both of these are comfortable and look cute with absolutely every outfit.

A cute lightweight cardigan (preferably pastel coloured)


If it isn’t cold enough out for you to need a jacket you may still want to have a light sweater just in case. This can be any type of sweater as long as it is not too heavy or warm. You want something for if the weather is a bit breezy that will keep your arms warm but won’t make you overheat. In this case I think that a cardigan is the best choice because they are light, wouldn’t take up much room so you could just shove one in your bag, and also they come in so many different colours. For spring I like to go with light pastel coloured sweaters paired with white or subtle toned pants or a skirt. Spring is the season for pastels after all.

Thank you so much for reading. I hope that you enjoyed and find some inspiration.

Cheers and much love



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