Sephora Beauty Haul

Hello everyone, I hope you are well, and are not too down due to the dreary weather that has been around lately. I just realized that it has been a while since I’ve posted a haul, despite the fact that I’ve had quite a few. So in this post I decided to combine some of my most recent beauty purchases from a variety of different hauls. Enjoy!

Too faced sweet peach palette


It is now a well known fact that I have a love for peaches, and the Too Faced peach lip gloss, which has been mentioned as a monthly favourite I’m pretty sure. This eyeshadow palette is actually part of that same collection. I have considered purchasing it for almost a year now. Every time I walked into Sephora I would stare at it, picking it up a few times but then second guessing my decision and putting it back. Finally I decided to just go ahead and buy it, and I am so glad that I did. Just like the lipgloss it is infused with the lovely peachy scent. The individual shadows are beautiful in colour and are very pigmented which makes for easy application and blending. If you need another reason to buy it just look at the packaging. Too faced definitely make the cutest makeup packaging I have ever seen.

Smashbox liquid lipstick Bawse


Confession time! I mostly just bought this liquid lipstick because it was designed by Lily Singh, who happens to be a Youtuber that I like, and a fellow Canadian. However upon looking at it in store I realized that I probably would have bought it anyways. The colour is an absolutely gorgeous deep red, which happens to be a favourite lip colour of mine. I have used it sparingly because I’ve been wearing a lot more pinks because it’s spring. I can already tell though that next fall it will probably be a must have in my makeup Arsenal.

Bobbi Brown eyeshadow stick


Eyeshadow is one of those few makeup products that I enjoy using in all its forms; from powder to cream. Recently I’ve also discovered the eyeshadow stick. This simple little applicator is so easy to use and blend, and comes in a variety of beautiful colours. Just smear it onto your eyelid and blend with a lighter powder shadow for a gorgeous look. Other companies also make shadow sticks, but I have only so far used the ones from Bobbi Brown. Based on these sticks alone, I would definitely be willing to experiment with other brands of eyeshadow sticks in the future.

Bite Beauty blood orange lip crayon


Another first from this Haul was the NARS lip crayon, which happens to be my first lip crayon.   I have not worn it yet, but it looks great. The colour is a nice almost burnt orange. It’s bright enough that it’s noticeable as orange but not too bright as to look shocking. The texture seems very creamy and looks as though it will be easy to apply. I bet it will be another great colour for this upcoming fall, and maybe for some night looks.

Anastasia Beverly Hills contour kit


Last on my list is this kit from Anastasia Beverly Hills, which shocker is another first for me. In this case my first contour and my first highlighter. These are two things that I researched for months before purchasing. In the end I found this palette which has a gorgeous mixture of shades and is so perfect for my skin tone. The palette is in the shade light to medium and consists of three shades for contouring and three for highlighting. I use the middle of the contour shades which is a tad lighter and a more olive brown I suppose. I also use the far right of the highlighters which is the brightest, for a nice healthy glow. This kit is available in other shades of you do not have a light complexion.

Thank you everyone so much for reading! I truly hope that you enjoyed! Let me know if you have any recent favourite beauty purchases.

Cheers and much love



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