My Spring makeup look

Hello everyone I hope everything is going well for you as summer approaches. I love spring and think that the colours are just so beautiful. Especially peachy shades! Below is a list of my go to spring makeup items that I have been wearing pretty much everyday. Enjoy!

Rimmel lasting finish foundation


This is my new go to foundation for most days, especially when I need a more full coverage foundation to cover my trouble spots. It is supposed to last up to 25 hours but I have obviously never worn it that long. I do have to say though that it if you are looking for a light coverage foundation this is not the right one for you.

NARS creamy concealer


This is a good concealer for under your eyes if you have dark circles like me. However if you need a really good concealer for spots this is not the one. It can be good for small spots but does not cover completely.

NARS Laguna bronzer


As I’ve mentioned before I am very pale and my foundation makes me look even more pale. As a result I NEED to use a bronzer to give me back some colour. I like this one because it’s light enough that it still looks natural.

Too Faced blusher: I will always love you


This is the most beautiful blusher that I have ever used. It is so perfect for spring but could also be great any other time of the year. It is a really pretty peachy pink which is great for spring.

Too Faced sweet peach palette


I have mentioned this palette in another post. It is probably one of my most favourite makeup pieces that I have. These peachy colours are so gorgeous for spring.

Too Faced lipgloss: Peach please

web_sweetpeachlipoil_1_closed_peachplease (1)

The best lipgloss that I have, this gloss is gorgeous. The peach colour is beautiful and quite natural looking. Plus it smells like peaches.

Thank you everyone so much for reading! I really hope that you enjoyed!

Cheers and much love



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