May Favourites 2017

Hello everyone I know that it is pretty late into June already, but I felt that I had to post my May favourites anyways. As always, below I have compiled a list of my favourites from the past month. Enjoy!


Chex chocolate cereal


People who know me know that I love food, and especially breakfast. If I had it my way I would eat fancy brunch everyday, but nobody has time for that. So as a result, when I need a quick breakfast I usually turn to cereal. With my continued dietary restrictions it has been difficult to find a good one, but I did manage to last month. Chex makes a variety of really tasty cereals, but the best one by far has been the chocolate version. It is super tasty and reminds me a little of chocolate graham crackers. I like to have this along with some vanilla almond milk. It’s like the ultimate milk and cookies, and is very satisfying for busy mornings.

King Arthur Flour products


Part of my dietary restrictions has forced me to give up gluten. I still don’t know whether or not I have a sensitivity to it, but for now I have been experimenting with a variety of gluten free brands and products. King Arthur Flour makes a variety of different mixes including some really delicious gluten free mixes. I have used a whole bunch of these, and each time have found that the result is much better than anything you can find in a store. This includes everything from waffles to sugar cookies, and even chocolate chip scones (my personal favourite). I would highly suggest this brand to people who cannot have gluten as well as those who can.


Yes to cucumbers moisturizer


I have had this moisturizer sitting around for years, and had completely forgotten about it. I used to love it back in the day, and still find it a really good and quick option. It isn’t my most favourite moisturizer that I have ever used, but since i’ve been so busy lately I have loved using this one. Just pop a little bit on your fingers and massage it into your skin. It absorbs instantly, and so it is definitely the most quick to use. It feels really nice, and is good for sensitive skin, along with a very cooling feeling. I do however think that if you have much more dry patches on your skin like me, that you might want to also invest in another moisturizer for when you have more time.

Too Faced peach please lipgloss

web_sweetpeachlipoil_1_closed_peachplease (1)

Everyone knows that I love the brand Too Faced. They have the best looking packaging, and the best smelling products of all the makeup brands out there. I only have a few glosses as of now, but this one has been my go to for the whole of May. It’s a nice peachy colour that works well for spring, and it’s sheer so it gives a little bit of shine to a more plain makeup look. As summer is coming up soon, I think that this gloss will work really well too with some more simple eye makeup and a basic BB cream or foundation. I think that I may have mentioned this gloss before, but if not it has a gorgeous peachy  pinkish simmer, and smells just like peaches. Of all the colours in the peach collection I think that Peach Please is the most versatile, and will work with any look in the Spring or Summer.


Haters Back Off


To be perfectly honest I have never seen any of Miranda’s videos. I saw this show pop up on Netflix and decided to give it a try, not knowing anything about it. At first I found the main character extremely off putting in every way, but once I realized that this wan intentional I got past that and got into the story itself. The show follows Miranda as she attempts to establish herself as a Youtube sensation, and chronicles her various misadventures. At least that’s what you see on the surface. When you look a bit deeper however, there is really a lot going on, especially with the sister character. It packs a ton of comedy with some heart. I would highly suggest this to anyone who is looking for a good teen oriented comedy, whether you are familiar with Miranda or not.

Mary Berry Everyday

mary berry everyday 1

Lately I have become obsessed with cooking. This means that I have been watching all manner of cooking and baking shows. The best that I have found has definitely been Mary Berry Everyday. Mary Berry is the British queen of everything food related. Her recipes all look super delicious, and range from simple to expert level. The show itself has a beautiful aesthetic, making it feel really cozy and inviting. What else can I say? If you like food and coziness then I would highly suggest you watch this show.

Thank you so much for reading, I truly hope that you enjoyed! Let me know what your favourites were from this past May.

Cheers and much love



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