Dublin Holiday 2017: Day Four


Day four took us up to Northern Ireland, and was the earliest day of the whole trip. I think I fell asleep for a few hours on the bus, which does not happen very often, haha.


Our first stop was to see the “dark hedges”, which despite the cool name are pretty much just a bunch of trees like any other. The only reason why they have become such a popular photo spot is that they are used in Game of Thrones as the “Kings Road”. Like all other GOT fans I had to stop and snap some pics. The trees are quite beautiful to see in person, and have lived for an impressive 400 plus years.


Next we drove for another hour or so to Carrick-a-rede. The actual path itself is beautiful, filled with scenic views of the surrounding ocean, and apparently on a non-overcast day (unlike this one) Scotland. What we were there for however was to cross the rope bridge which is suspended an insane 98 feet above the ocean. When crossing my sister asked me to take pics of her walking so I did with two hands on the phone. Once I got about 40 feet across the 66 foot bridge the winds started up and the bridge started shaking like crazy, so I decided to hold on with one hand for the remaining 20 or so feet.                    (the pic is of me, taken on the way back across the bridge)


On the more mythological side of things, our next stop was the famous Giants Causeway. Built by giants or as the result of centuries of volcanic activity, this is truly something that you need to add to your bucket list. One of the most memorable moments from the trip, I went down to the lowest point to take some pictures, and got hit by a massive wave. It was fun when it happened but then I had to sit in soaking wet clothes for 6 plus hours. For some bizarre reason only one of my shoes got wet (how does that happen?)!


On the way back out bus driver stopped off just in view of Dunluce Castle. It must have been something to see in its prime, because even now that half of it has fallen into the ocean, it really is an architectural masterpiece.


The final stop on our bus tour, and perhaps one of the coolest things that we did, was the “black taxi tour” in Belfast. It was basically a political tour of the area in which “the troubles” were most prominent. Our driver took us to see the massive wall that still separates the nationalists from the loyalists. He even pulled out a sharpie and let us right on it.


We also saw a variety of incredible political murals, and some very decorative loyalist houses.


Back in the center of Belfast some highlights were the city hall, and its Titanic memorial. For those who don’t know already, Belfast is where the Titanic was built. As our driver joked “it was built by the Irish and sunk by an Englishman”.

That wraps up the crazy/packed day four. I’m feeling sad all over again because there is only one day left to share with you. I really hope that you have been enjoying my journey around Ireland. Make sure to come back tomorrow for day 5.

Cheers and much love



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