NARS Is No Longer Cruelty Free

Most of my posts are pretty light and purely for entertainment purposes, but I felt the need to make this post, because of some recent news that has come to my attention. You all know that it is really important to me to support cruelty free brands, and so I try my hardest to avoid purchasing products from companies that do test on animals. There are however a lot of fine lines that complicate things, and it appears that recently this has become even more complicated.

Animal Testing Laws

Cruelty Free International

Europe has laws that restrict animal testing, but only when not required by law. This means that if the company sells their products in a country like China, then they legally do have to test on animals. North America still allows animal testing to occur despite the fact that it is completely un-necessary with regards to ensuring that products are safe for the consumer market. There are also no laws that prevent the selling of products by companies that do in fact test on animals.


The second thing that I would like to point out is that even in Europe there are very blurry guidelines with regards to claiming cruelty free status. As a result there are many companies that do test on animals, despite making claims that they are against animal testing. This includes companies like Younique, Rimmel and Benefit, which despite a lot of research that I did initially, turned out to not be cruelty free. I am so disheartened to tell you that along with these brands, NARS, which has been one of my go to brands, has recently begun to sell their products in China. This means that they have changed their policy to now conduct animal testing when required by law.


If you want some more information about good cruelty free brands then I would suggest checking out the following links. They are updated pretty regularly and extensively cover cosmetics, hair products, and pretty much all other beauty related products you could think of:

Cruelty Free Alternatives:

Younique Moodstruck precision liner:


I actually prefer the Urban Decay liner. It is slightly more expensive, but definitely worth the price. The pigmentation is ridiculously nice, and like the name suggests it glides on effortlessly. This liner is an essential for me, and I think easily replaces the Younique liner.

Benefit Blusher:


I know that a lot of people turn to Benefit when they are looking for a good quality blusher, but there are plenty of cruelty free brands that boast equal or even superior quality blushers. My personal favourites are Too Faced and Tarte. Shocker i’m raving about Too Faced yet again. But seriously Too Faced and Tarte have the most absolutely lovely blushers that have an even nicer pigmentation and in my opinion much better colour options for a variety of skin tones. My favourite colours are “I will always love you” from Too Faced, and “Dollface” from Tarte.

NARS Bronzer:


I have only used two bronzers in my life. One was from Benefit which as mentioned is not cruelty free, and the other from NARS. When doing research for a good bronzer I ended up deciding upon the NARS Laguna bronzer, but I was very close to buying a Too Faced bronzer. Both the beach bunny and milk chocolate bronzers have been raved about by other beauty bloggers, so I got really excited about those. Once my bronzer inevitably runs out, I will definitely be checking out one of those. Every other Too Faced product that I own has amazing pigmentation and consistency, so I can already tell that I would love their bronzers as well.

NARS Creamy Concealer:


My concealer is probably one of the things that I will miss the most. It is so creamy and nice for under the eyes. Tarte has a really nice concealer, however as it is a bit thick I don’t find it particularly good for use under the eyes. It tends to cake a little bit when I use it under the eyes, and to be honest I really prefer wand concealers because they waste less product that way. As soon as my NARS concealer runs out I will definitely be trying out the Urban Decay Naked concealer. I have heard amazing things about it. People have even said it is better than the NARS one; more creamy and better coverage.

Cheers and much love



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